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We, Emeteclass

Founded in Aveiro, Portugal, in 2002, we are a technology company committed to helping our clients grow efficiently.

We’re people who want more from our lives than just doing a job. We work hard, but we believe in a balanced life, enjoying time with family and friends, and with free time to devote to our health. We run a happy and healthy business.

Our mission is to integrate people and processes, transforming the workplace through learning, technology and good habits. We work with all types of companies, regardless of size, from startups, small and mid-sized companies, and multinationals.

Do you have an idea?
We build your digital ideas. We love technology and use it to transform your ideas into reality.

Our values

What are the values that we, as people, should expect each other to live in a better world?


Be Empathic

The empathic human being is altruistic, balanced, and proactive. We encourage our team to understand each other's failures and understand that we are not perfect.


Be Collaborative

Collaboration enables better communication between us and our partners, and helps us to progress as professionals and as individuals.


Be Positive

Optimistic people tend to be happier, healthier and better able to cope with difficult times.


Keep it Real

Be transparent in everything you do, it's the best way to build trust.


Keep Learning

Purposely creates empty space in your day for learning, develop your ideas, and doing things at a higher quality.


Give Back

The need in the world is so great that we can not reach everyone but we can do our part, so more and more lives can be touched.


Take Ownership

Care about the outcome of your job, and be accountable for the results of your actions.


Be Desciplined

Create good habits that allow you to maintain a high performance in your professional and personal life.

Our beliefs

About People

  • People are the performers, not companies.
  • Everyone can change their minds.

About Companies

  • Technology makes a company more efficient and enables sustainable growth.

What we do together matters

Having a positive impact on the world around us matters. We hope to improve ourselves while improving the community.

We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. SDGs are a call for action to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. You can learn more about SDGs here.

Starting in 2018, we decided to participate in the campaign "Uma Árvore pela Floresta", an initiative of Ctts and Quercus. This campaign allows foresting with autochthonous vegetal species some natural parks of our country, Portugal. The trees will be planted in Protected Areas, Classified Zones and National Forests.
With the collaboration of our customers and suppliers we have already contributed with 16 trees.

We encourage our family, friends, customers and suppliers to participate and promote our initiatives. We thank all those who have collaborated, together we can make the difference and transform the planet in a better place.