Responsible and Committed with Economic, Social and Professional Aspects

The importance of ethics within our organization.

Emeteclass is a modern company, innovative and sensitive to the business environment. In response to concern of the organisation by those working in the company and the commitment to our customers and with society, develop a professional practice mature, responsible and committed under economic, social and professional aspects.

Internal Actions

We have developed a series of internal actions as a socially responsible company.

Business ethics is a business initiative that helps develop the individual and collective responsibility of employees in the performance of his professional life. The business ethics and code of conduct are the main points of responsible behaviour of our professionals.

Investment in new technologies, both for the promotion of an information society and to create a safe and modern working space that ensures the continuity of business and data security of our customers, whether for occupational mobility or other needs that may have an important impact on technological environment.

A Quality and Environment Policy that promotes an efficient and responsible use of available resources in the company.

External Actions

We have also developed a series of external actions.

A Quality and Environment Policy, offering a series of actions that ensure respect for the environment in the work we do for our customers.

Social Programs that we created with the aim of supporting non-profit organizations through services related to our work and experience and the volunteerism of our employees.

Emeteclass is a socially responsible company is a fundamental part of Emeteclass’s way of doing solutions that focus on creating value for our society.

Emeteclass is a socially responsible company.

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Our mission is to integrate people and processes, transforming the workplace through learning, tecnology and good habits.
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