We Have the Responsibility to Minimize Our Environmental Footprint

We are commited to continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do.

We recognize that climate change is an issue of global concern, and we are committed to participate in the effort to reduce our climate change impacts.

All of our business units and operations teams consistently work to identify and support business initiatives that are environment-friendly, ranging from promoting customer involvement in the company’s recycling programs to further reducing energy usage in our offices.

We invite all our customers to join us in our commitment to protect the environment through responsible use of our natural resources.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is one of the most significant environmental impacts a computer or electronic device produces over time.

Our main focus has been on identifying ways of reducing our electricity consumption. Emeteclass Reduce Energy Program continues to expand its focus to encourage each staff, customer and partner to take simple steps to reduce his or her own environmental impact. Lower power requirements not only reduce energy bills, they also mitigate waste.

Our actions are:

Set sleep mode on computers and turn it off each nigth and on weekends.
Enable power management.
Buy energy efficient equipment.
Buy laptops over desktops. Laptops consume 1/4 the energy of desktops.
Look for the Energy Star Label.
Buy Flat-panel screens . Flat-panel screens use 1/3 the energy of CRT montors.
Always turn down the heat/cool when are out for the day.
Turn off the lights every time leave a room.
Use compact fluorescent bulbs in task lights.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is at the core of our environmental commitment at Emetclass.
Waste reduction is even better than recycling!

If you have a product that you need to dispose of, we encourage you to do so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Some older products can still be put to good use. What is old to you could be a welcome opportunity to another! Many charities, community programs and schools are in need of used electronic equipment. At Emeteclass we consider donating or selling our used electronics to others before recycling them, and encourage our people and our customer to do the same.

Waste reduction is not only about electronic equipment, it is about to optimizise all resources: water, energy, paper etc.

Our actions are:

Buy paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.
Double-side all copies and print jobs.
"Go online", whenever possible.
Forms and publications are available only online.
Donate unwanted equipment.


By reusing and recycling materials we can reduce waste and preserve the environment.
Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources.

We recycling: batteries, plastics,glass, alumminum and metal, paper products, electronics, toner & inkjet cartridges.
The more Emeteclass recycles the more Emeteclass contributes to a sustainable environment.

People & Places

We encourage Emeteclass employees to be good stewards at home, at work and on the road.

We build awareness with Emeteclass employees through lectures, brainstorming and company events that benefit the environment.

One of the Emeteclass goal is to create an environmentally friendly workplace for its employees.

Partnership Efforts

By focusing in Partnership, Emeteclass has expanded its environmental stewardship efforts.

Based on the EPA principle:

"Pollution Prevention:  Consideration of environmental preferability should begin early in the acquisition process and be rooted in the ethic of pollution prevention, which strives to eliminate or reduce, up-front, potential risks to human health and the environment."
EPA - US Envrinonmental Protection Agency.

Our actions are:

Select new suppliers or encourage current ones to improve the environmental performance of their operations and their products.
Select products and services that minimise environmental impacts.

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Our mission is to integrate people and processes, transforming the workplace through learning, tecnology and good habits.
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