Our Mission is to Integrate People and Processes, Transforming the Workplace Through Learning, Technology and Good Habits

“It´s not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.” - Paul Arden

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We Believe in...

Our group values talk about the way we like everyone to behave in our group to approach everything we do at work.


We live in interesting times. The world is changing. The way we work is changing. Happiness reflect the simplicity of Emeteclass' philosophy. Happiness makes us more energetic, creative, motivated, healthy and successful...and allows us to enjoy each moment in our life.


For a great business we need to focus on people every minute of the day. People are “goals”, “communication”, “business”, “delegation”, “feedback”, “learning”, “grow”, “business strategy”, “opportunity”, "rewards”, “recognition”, “collaboration”, “empowerment”, “influence”, “technology”, “energy”, “involvement”, “change”, “excelence”, “happiness”, “simplicity”, “work”, “passion”, “balance”. Our philosophy is based on the premise that people's points of view are more important than their titles. We treat people with respect, honesty, transparency and confidence.


Things should be easy to use and do.
The most beautiful thing about simplicity is that it is the most efficient achievable expression of man – leading to an unprecedented levels of productivity. Simplicity requires certain clarity of thought. Only when this is achievable is simplicity acquired. At Emeteclass simplicity is not the end. It is only the beginning of excellence, signifying perfection and a possibility for sustainable development.

Our Commitments

The importance of ethics within our organization.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We doing solutions that focus on creating value for our society.

Emeteclass is a socially responsible company.


We have the responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint and are commited to continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do.

Emeteclass is commited to protect our natural resources

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Beliefs, People and Culture

Integrating People and Processes, we are Transforming the Workplace, Through Learning, Technology and Good Habits.

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Technology Consulting Firm - Emeteclass
Our mission is to integrate people and processes, transforming the workplace through learning, tecnology and good habits.
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