We Launch ALLIGN, A New App For Keeping Your Company Organized


After several months of hard work, we are very happy to officially announce the launch of our great software application: Allign.

We built Allign for us, for maintaining our company organized, we are proud with the results and decided to share this software application with all of you.

Why an app for maintaining a company organized?

All companies, big or small, have a lot of documents, a lot of spreadsheets, and a lot of emails. The information is spread throughout the organization, creating confusion, wasting of time, and sometimes problems when it is needed. There are companies that have also software applications, to manage their projects, their staff, their strategy and their finances. The problem here is the same, a lot of places where the information is stored, and there is not a link between them. This means chaos and frustration.

Before creating the application, we do a lot of analysis, and prepare several scenarios to decide where to start. And we found that the most important thing is to create an app to collaborate. Share documents and share information between organizations, in an organized way.

How we started?

We select some foundation data, that we consider important, and start with the administration session, preparing the app for growing in terms of several dashboards, strategy, products, project portfolio, talent, process, procedures and maturity models applying best practices. All components integrated, because a company cannot be organized separated into silos, by department.

We have prepared a road map for growing Allign, and we’ll share with you later. And after now, we frequently prepare a blog post to maintain you informed about the news in the application.


We would like to thank the people who have given us advice on functionality and how to present it, and who has been of valuable help. Thank you! We appreciate a lot your help and hope growing together.

We are open to continually receive advices for anyone who is interested in growing up with us.

You are welcome to running Allign with us!

From now on we will start sharing our news with you. Keep in touch.