We Launch ALLIGN, A New App For Keeping Your Company Organized


After several months of hard work, we are very happy to officially announce the launch of our great software application: Allign.

We built Allign for us, for maintaining our company organized, we are proud with the results and decided to share this software application with all of you.

Why an app for maintaining a company organized?

All companies, big or small, have a lot of documents, a lot of spreadsheets, and a lot of emails. The information is spread throughout the organization, creating confusion, wasting of time, and sometimes problems when it is needed. There are companies that have also software applications, to manage their projects, their staff, their strategy and their finances. The problem here is the same, a lot of places where the information is stored, and there is not a link between them. This means chaos and frustration.

Before creating the application, we do a lot of analysis, and prepare several scenarios to decide where to start. And we found that the most important thing is to create an app to collaborate. Share documents and share information between organizations, in an organized way.

How we started?

We select some foundation data, that we consider important, and start with the administration session, preparing the app for growing in terms of several dashboards, strategy, products, project portfolio, talent, process, procedures and maturity models applying best practices. All components integrated, because a company cannot be organized separated into silos, by department.

We have prepared a road map for growing Allign, and we’ll share with you later. And after now, we frequently prepare a blog post to maintain you informed about the news in the application.


We would like to thank the people who have given us advice on functionality and how to present it, and who has been of valuable help. Thank you! We appreciate a lot your help and hope growing together.

We are open to continually receive advices for anyone who is interested in growing up with us.

You are welcome to running Allign with us!

From now on we will start sharing our news with you. Keep in touch.


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A 5-Step Guide to an Innovation-Driven Mindset

A 5-Step Guide to an Innovation-Driven Mindset

The Skill Everybody Needs

The ability to Innovate is the ability to Change the World.

And, in an age where we have every tool available to transform ideas into reality, Innovation is a must-have skill for anyone that wants to create, and stand out from the constant overload of new concepts and ideas.

We need to make sure what we’re creating is of value to the world, and will help us progress and move society forward.

The Key Ideas Behind Innovation

It’s not easy being an Innovative Individual, but we’re here to tell you how you can exercise your brain in order to improve this skill. These tips will help your creativity flow more easily, and get into the right mindset more often.

1. Feed Your Curiosity

Taking the words of Einstein as inspiration:

“All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge. I believe in intuition and inspiration”
“Imagination is more Important than Knowledge”

So trust your instincts, and feed your curiosity. Explore the world around you and understand how it develops. Knowledge fueled by curiosity always leads to interesting discoveries.

2. Embrace Failure

Understand you will fail, but think of it as progress. Your best ideas will most likely never born without first discarding and getting through the bad ones. Sometimes, you just need to get the obvious and the flawed out of your head in order to get to a breakthrough.

Think of it like a game: if it gets harder, it means you’re going in the right direction.

When you “fail”, you learn what doesn’t work and if you think of it as a learning opportunity, instead of getting discouraged you will eventually, through more trial and error, arrive to a conclusion that works.

3. Ask the Impossible

Breakthroughs are impressive because they prove the impossible to be possible.

Doubt everything and never stop doubting.

Explore your ideas and understand where the human needs lie, be it through observation or through demand.

4. Creative Constraints

Sometimes, the possibilities are so overwhelming we get stuck. And sometimes, the problem in hand is so complex, we don’t even know where to begin.

When this happens, try to put constraints on your project. These self-imposed rules will give you a direction and that will make the problem seem less daunting.

5. Create Possibilities

When something is stopping you, try to create possibilities that will leverage your creativity before giving up. Instead of thinking about why you can’t do something, think about how you could do it if X were possible. Try as many crazy scenarios you need.

This might seem pointless, but sometimes having these scenarios will spark your creativity and will make you think about a solution you hadn’t considered before.

Being Innovative is not easy, but it is something you can practice. If you go through these steps often they will soon become second nature to you, and you will notice how a change of mindset can be a game-changer.

See also: Why Innovation is Essential to Every Business

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Emeteclass’ Summer School 2017

É verão novamente e o calor convida a umas merecidas férias. O escritório nesta época costuma estar mais sossegado. Pode aproveitar este mês mais calmo para se inscrever numa série de cursos relacionados com Gestão Estratégica e Gestão de Projetos.

Descubra como melhorar as perspectivas de sucesso a longo prazo da organização.

Semana 1 – Gestão Estratégica

Terça 8, Agosto
10:00 – 11:00 (WEST,Lisboa)
Quarta 9, Agosto
10:00 – 11:00 (WEST,Lisboa)
Quinta 10, Agosto
10:00 – 11:00 (WEST,Lisboa)
A necessidade da Gestão Estratégica dentro da organização. Objetivos, metas que criam valor. Indicadores, identificar formas para medir a estratégia.

Semana 2 – Gestão de Projetos

Terça 22, Agosto
10:00 – 11:00 (WEST,Lisboa)
Quarta 23, Agosto
10:00 – 11:00 (WEST,Lisboa)
Quinta 24, Agosto
10:00 – 11:00 (WEST,Lisboa)
Gestão de Projetos & Estrategia Organizacional. Prazos: Caminho critico do projeto. Custos: Técnicas de monitorização de custos.

Aula virtual iterativa com sessão de esclarecimento.
Investimento: 90€
Este ciclo de formação outorga 06 PDU’s para o exame/renovação da certificação PMP®.

Para realizar a sua inscrição envie um email para training@emete.com, indicando o seu nome e os dados de facturação. A sua inscrição será aceite após recebermos o respectivo pagamento.

Consulte aqui os dados para realizar o pagamento através de transferência bancária.
Se preferir realizar o seu pagamento com paypal, cartão de crédito ou cartão de débito ou se tiver dúvidas envie um email para training@emete.com e responderemos com a maior brevidade possível à sua questão.

Não conseguiu assistir?
Registe-se na nossa newsletter e receba um email da próxima vez que este evento for programado.


Gestão de Projetos, Gestão Estratégica e Business Analysis.

Escolha a sua formação »

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Concurso: PMP2017

O Dia Internacional da Gestão de Projetos comemora-se o 2 de Novembro de 2017. Esta data foi criada por Frank Saladis em 2004, e desde então celebra-se na primeira quinta-feira de Novembro de cada ano.

A finalidade deste dia é destacar o trabalho diário dos gestores de projetos e da equipa de gestão de projetos, trabalho que representa desafios profissionais a nível estratégico como de liderança e técnico.

Para comemorar esta data, criamos o concurso PMP2017 onde serão sorteados 3 lugares para participar na formação Preparação para o Exame PMP®, com um investimento de 400€.

Queres participar?

  • Faz “like” na nossa página no Facebook e
  • Identifica, nos comentários, dois amigos com os quais gostarias de fazer a formação

O que inclui?

  • 35 horas de formação virtual (aula iterativa em direto com um formador com sessões de esclarecimento).
  • Livro de preparação para o exame PMP®.
  • Assistência na preparação da candidatura ao exame.

O concurso

  • 3 lugares disponíveis.
  • Sorteio aleatório.
  • Os 3 vencedores serão anunciados na página do Facebook no dia 29 de Setembro de 2017.
  • A formação irá ser realizada até 31/12/2017.

Participa! Aproveita para aprender. Convida os teus amigos.

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Tired Of Team Building Activities Where You Don’t Learn Anything?

The 1st Floor Challenge - T1FC
Team building activities are generally used in companies to develop cooperation between team members. An effective team is an integral part of the company’s success. But when we look at the team building activities that are currently on the market, we find some that are simply ridiculous or boring. Some are just fun, it’s good to play paintball, tug of war, a game with balloons, but deep down they don’t really improve performance in a team-based environment.

The 1st Floor Challenge, #T1FC, is a workshop different from any you’ve ever done. It’s a Team Building activity created for learning and practice Project Management, Sustainability, and Innovation. In this workshop forget the long hours of monotonous explanations. We believe learning should be as compelling as your favourite game! In only one day, you’ll learn how to manage a team project like a pro, and a chance to fly your own drone.

How does #T1FC build an effective team?

To build an effective team, T1FC team members:

  • Share a common goal,
  • Each participant should play a role in the team, using their strengths to achieve their objectives,
  • Can practice communication and collaboration for improve performance,
  • Must generate motivation, commitment to achieve satisfaction,
  • Must have respect for each other,
  • Can practice brainstorming, creativity, feedback, trust,
  • Exercising interpersonal aspects needed for a project, such as: leadership, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation,
  • Learn from experience when confronted with problem solving, organizational development and conflict resolution.

Implement your knowledge in a real project, by managing your team’s drone building, and be proud of your project when you see it fly!

Join us!

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