Skills To Succeed At Work

Skills To Succeed At Work
Today, many companies are reporting that their number one constraint on growth is the inability to hire workers with the necessary skills. – William J. Clinton

Develop soft skills not only help you achieve success in the workplace but in life. What are soft skills? What do employers look for in new employees? What soft skills we have to learn? These are frequent questions in professional environments.

Each company looks for a different mix of soft skills and experience depending on the business it’s in. Soft skills are important because they help people to do a better job, increase productivity, quality, retention and at the same time reduce stress and conflicts. Soft skills represent an indicator of job performance like hard skills. Successful people usually develop skills, attitudes and behaviour that help them to have a positive impact on the choices inside their organization.

The most common skills companies look for are:

» Ability to give, receive, accept and learn from construct criticism
» Assertiveness and negotiations,
» Creative thinking
» Effective decision making
» Flexibility, adaptability and observation
» Good communications
» Influencing
» Leadership
» Positive attitude
» Problem solver
» Reflection
» Self-confidence
» Strong work ethic
» Teamwork and collaboration
» Time management and work organization
» Working well under pressure

Each person is different…

Are you really ready to work?
Your mix of skills and experience will be different and depend on job characteristics.Remember, it’s your combination of hard and soft skills that increase your chances of being considered for a job position.

Tell us what other soft skill do you think is important?

Want more?
You can learn more about soft skills in our courses. The courses will provide you with the essential personal development to achieve positive results and increase your contribution in the workplace.

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