What to do in Project Initiating?

What to do in project initiating?

Project initiating is the moment when we study and analyse our project and think in terms of feasibility to decide if is a good idea to do or not to do this project. It is an important stage because every project needs effort in terms of time and money.

Answering questions is the best way to understand the project in a deeper level. So, what are the best questions we need to answer in project initiating?

» What is the project?
» Why do we need to do it? Does the project belong to any corporate program? Does the project belong to any product/service in my organization?
» In what way does my project influence the business strategy? What are the benefits?
» What are the project objectives?
» Who are the stakeholders? Who is the client? Who is/will be the project manager? Who will be in my team?
» Do we have some constraints?
» Do we need to make assumptions? What are these assumptions?
» What about sustainability? In what way does this project contribute to the economical aspect of the company? In what way does this project contribute/affect the environment and the social aspect?
» What are the lessons learned? Do we have the opportunity to learn something in this stage?

When you ask yourself these questions and document the answers, you are ready to obtain authorization to start the project.

Want to know more?

Do you want to improve your business performance? We can help you to implement a consistent process in your company by using the best practices of Project Management.

Do you want to learn? We teach project management in a practical way. Learn with us about best practices and apply them in a real project.

Contact us emete@emete.com

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The Importance of Project Management: ENED 2016

A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016

Estivemos presentes, ontem 20 de Março, no Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design, ENED 2016, que decorreu em Coimbra na Casa Das Artes Da Fundação Bissaya Barreto.

Com muito interesse sobre o tema, alunos de Design tiveram a oportunidade de reflectir e esclarecer duvidas sobre a Importância da Gestão de Projetos.

A Gestão de Projetos está a crescer nas empresas de qualquer tamanho. Entender as suas técnicas e ferramentas ajuda às equipas a levar o projeto dentro dos prazos, custos e qualidade planeados, permitindo assim o crescimento da organização.

Algumas fotos do evento:

A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016

A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016

A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016A Importância da Gestão de Projetos:  ENED 2016

Interessado em formação sobre Gestão de Projetos?. Conheça as nossas Masterclass:
Preparação para a Certificação PMP®, Gestão Avançada de Projetos, The 1st Floor Challenge, Integração da Sustentabilidade nos Processos de Negócio, Implementação de um Escritório de Projetos(PMO).
Contacte-nos training@emete.com

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The 1st Floor Challenge en Ciudad de Panamá

T1FC - PANAMA, PANAMA 2016.02.27

Llevar el T1FC a Ciudad de Panamá  fue excelente.

Llevar este taller, por primera vez a Latino América, nos hizo sentir felices, y ansiosos. Al final, la motivación de la gente, su empeño, su alegría y su interés en aprender es algo que llevaremos con nosotros para el futuro. Aprendimos muchísimo con ustedes, esperemos que ustedes también hayan aprendido con nosotros!

Estamos felices por haber sido parte de Panamá.

Haber realizado un taller exitoso en América Latina, para 23 personas, fue un gran salto. No tenemos dudas que llevaremos el T1FC al próximo nivel. Una oportunidad que agarraremos con firmeza con las dos manos!

Estén atentos por nuevas noticias sobre el The 1st Floor Challenge.

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The Next Chapter of T1FC Will Take Place In Panama

T1FC - PANAMA, PANAMA 2016.02.27

This time is the turn of Panama, we are preparing all the equipment for this awesome team building session.

Get hands-on with Ricardo Azevedo & Mirla Ferreira, in a fully immersive one-day masterclass. You will learn in an integrate way the key elements of Design Thinking, Project Management and Sustainability and practice them while build a drone.

Ciudad del Saber, Edificio 105, Salón 107 Clayton, Ancón.
Apartado 0843-03081, Panamá, Republica de Panamá.

Saturday February 27, 2016, 9:00am-6:00pm

Can’t be present in Panama?
We are preparing others sessions taking place all over the world in 2016. Submit your email and location
and we’ll let you know when the workshop takes place in your city.

What are you waiting for?

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Software Factory: Escrow – Payments & Transactions App

Emeteclass - Escrow, Payments & Transactions App

Emeteclass has developed a financial application where buyers and sellers can carry out escrow transactions between each other in a simple way.

In the last 4 months we have been, relentlessly, working on the development of a new financial application. The app implements a new service that the customers can use to easily, and effortlessly, plan their annual payment. Instead of paying the entire rent at once, this application gives the chance, for the client, to schedule the payment in a convenient and simple way. Along with the usual features, related with the payment configuration, validation and balance visualisation, the application includes a recommendation system that proposes the payment scheduling based in a set of parameters.

The development followed an Agile methodology – Scrum – which guaranteed the involvement of the interested stakeholders at an initial stage. Such approach was fundamental to have a user-centric application that simplifies and optimizes the entire process.

We offer a full-cycle custom software development, from requirements elicitation to product design and development, quality assurance testing and deployment. We follow an offshore development team paradigm while adapt to customer’s own working standards. We have developed successful applications and services for a huge range of industries. Contact us emete@emete.com

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