Gamification, serious game

Gamification, serious game

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.

We believe in the power of games and we use it in real situations, to increase effectivity in business processes. When we were children we learnt life lessons through games, but unfortunately when we became adults we forgot how to play in order to learn.

The 1st Floor challenge is our first course that teaches through gamification, but one of our goals for the next three years is to add gamification to other courses, so that people are more involved in the learning process.

Take a look to gamification through The 1st Floor Challenge

The 1st Floor Challenge (T1FC) consists of a real Project Management situation in which each team builds a Drone, with the objective of applying Project Management, Sustainability and Design Thinking methodologies in an integrated way. This is considered an excellent team building activity.

We are very happy with the results, until now we were present in 5 cities (Aveiro, Porto, Lisboa, Lyon, Panamá), for a total of 207 participants, and have done a total of 36 projects.

One of our strengths is that we don’t use a computing game for learning, we use a real project for that.

Gamification, is not only an excellent technique for the learning process, but also for changing people’s habits. For this reason, it’s been interesting to see the increasing use of Gamification for engaging with staff and external stakeholders over the past few years, with astounding results.

If used correctly, it’s a powerful tool. It could even change the world. Any idea how?

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A Warm Welcome: Meet Ewelina!

A Warm Welcome: Meet Ewelina!

There’s a new member on our team! We’re happy to introduce you to Ewelina, our new Marketing Intern.

Ewelina decided to join us in Emeteclass’s headquarters as a part of her Erasmus experience here in Aveiro.
She’s cheerful and full of new ideas, and already working hard with us on The 1st Floor Challenge Project.

Hopefully, she’ll help us improve our drone flying skills soon.

Welcome, Ewelina!

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Crete: Our Office For The Week

This year we made our adventure to move our office for a week to Crete. Crete is the largest island in Greece and is located in the southern Aegean. It has more than 600,000 inhabitants and 8,336 km². It was in Crete that the Minoan Civilization flourished, a civilization that is considered the oldest on record in Europe.

The Challenge

Changing the office is always a big challenge. This time we chose to make two changes, first to the left part of the island in Chania, and then to the right part of the island in Elounda. Work, collaborate, having fun, and getting to know the island were our plans.

The Adventure

The adventure began with a mishap, the plane was 3 hours delayed in Porto, which made us lose the connection we had in Barcelona to Chania. So the strikes and hassles at the airport meant that we arrived at our destination a day late. It was Saturday, so it did not affect customers, but we had lost a whole day of fun.

We came to Chania on Saturday night. On Sunday we prepared everything to start on Monday without interrupting the work, and so it was …. We loved Chania so much that later during our stay in Eolunda we went back there. Chania is really beautiful, very characteristic, and is an hour from the beach of Elafonisi, and the beach of the Bay of Balos, two places not to be missed.

Crete,Chania: A photo of the view from our office for the week
Crete,Chania: A photo of the view from our office for the week.

During the week we moved our office again from Chania to Elounda, which was a three hour drive. The change didn’t go very well, since the long drive meant we left some tasks to do for the next day …. After arriving, we prepared everything, answered some emails, and went to dinner.

Beautiful scenery, spectacular beaches, and good food defined our stay. Changing the office to a different place each year is always an experience to repeat!

What Next?

We have already started voting for the next destination, the requirements remain the same: a safe place, with internet connection, and good places to eat.

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Software Factory: Developing A Trading Platform From Scratch!

Software Factory: Developing A Trading Platform From Scratch

The sharing economy model is an actual trend, with several well known providers pushing it. Such a model requires the existence of a trading platform, that has to be, at the same time, scalable, secure, and reliable. A must have functionality of any trading platform is the one that tries to maximise the outcomes of the people that are sharing and the ones that are looking for resources. Without that maximising match functionality, sellers and buyers (or lenders and borrowers) will be lost in a huge blue ocean of possibilities.

Here at Emeteclass we are helping one of our clients to grow, by developing a trading platform from scratch, totally focused on the client’s needs. The application includes the resources enrolment process, the request definition and a smart algorithm that matches the requests with the offered resources, while maximising the utilisation of the resources.

As usual, we are following an Agile methodology – Scrum – to guarantee the involvement of the interested stakeholders since the initial stages. Such an approach is fundamental to have a user-centric application that simplifies and optimizes the entire process.

We offer a full-cycle custom software development, from requirements elicitation to product design and development, quality assurance testing and deployment. We follow an offshore development team paradigm while adapt to customer’s own working standards. We have developed successful applications and services for a huge range of industries. Contact us

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