How Can You Transform A Corporate Vice Into Good Habits Allowing More Growth To Your Company?

What is corporate vice?
This is the best definition of vice I found: “Vice is the habitual use of anything harmful to us”. Most of us associate the term vice to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, but vices are present in most companies sometimes considered a normal attitude which makes this a problem very difficult to resolve.

There are many vices that we see at work, some of them are still enforced or awarded by bosses and colleagues at work … to name a few: aggression, ambition, greed, slander,
jealousy, anger, nonconformity, envy, slander, workaholic, lying, idleness, pride, abuse, vanity, games, interruptions, etc.. Many perhaps don’t even realize that, for example, aggression, workaholic, interruptions or playing at work are vices … many others even think they have no vices at all!. It is certain that vices are harmful to people who suffer them, and sometimes one or two of their vices darken their virtues.

Vices can kill a company. The behaviour of teamwork with vices is completely detrimental to the proper functioning of the company.

Teamwork’s customers, suppliers, friends and relatives start talking about the displeasure of working in this or that company, and when this kind of “marketing” starts, the result is often going out of business.

How to avoid corporate vices?
Vices must be treated as business diseases. Getting rid of them is difficult, complex and requires will. Hot to fight them?

  • Self-examination. The best way, without doubts, is starting with self-examination. At corporate level is necessary to evaluate all habits that are executed in the day-to-day activities.
  • Replace a vice with a good habit. This takes time, and must be done slowly, because is the better way of facing and defeating a vice. This habit must be part of the corporate best practices, enforcing its development in existing and new co-workers. One option could be to introduce the habit in the performing evaluation.
  • Discipline and rigor, are the key to transform vices into virtues.
  • Create a positive synergy in the workers that are incorporating renewed attitudes in their day-to-day habits.

Sometimes, the efforts are unsuccessful in the objective of eliminating vice from some co-workers. That being the case…is time to rethink the continuity of them in the company. Firing an employee for having inadequate behaviours can be, most of the time, the right thing to do, when chances were given to rectify that behaviours and that chances were not well accepted or used.

However, the worst danger is when the vices are present in the corporate’s top positions. The company never will reach the optimum development level, and sooner or later, the customers will start leaving by lack of professionalism and good behaviour.

“A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms.”Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi