Software Factory: Developing A Trading Platform From Scratch!

Software Factory: Developing A Trading Platform From Scratch

The sharing economy model is an actual trend, with several well known providers pushing it. Such a model requires the existence of a trading platform, that has to be, at the same time, scalable, secure, and reliable. A must have functionality of any trading platform is the one that tries to maximise the outcomes of the people that are sharing and the ones that are looking for resources. Without that maximising match functionality, sellers and buyers (or lenders and borrowers) will be lost in a huge blue ocean of possibilities.

Here at Emeteclass we are helping one of our clients to grow, by developing a trading platform from scratch, totally focused on the client’s needs. The application includes the resources enrolment process, the request definition and a smart algorithm that matches the requests with the offered resources, while maximising the utilisation of the resources.

As usual, we are following an Agile methodology – Scrum – to guarantee the involvement of the interested stakeholders since the initial stages. Such an approach is fundamental to have a user-centric application that simplifies and optimizes the entire process.

We offer a full-cycle custom software development, from requirements elicitation to product design and development, quality assurance testing and deployment. We follow an offshore development team paradigm while adapt to customer’s own working standards. We have developed successful applications and services for a huge range of industries. Contact us

Free Webinar: Ask Us About Project Management

Ask Us About Project Management

Date: 26 May, 2016
Time: 15:00 (WEST, Lisbon, Portugal) in Portuguese
17:00 (WEST, Lisbon, Portugal) in Spanish

This will be your chance to ask about Project Management.

In this session we will:
» Aswer questions, from participants, about Project Management.
» Deepen into any specific area required by the audience.
» Illustrate the answers with examples from real life.

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