What to do in Project Initiating?

What to do in project initiating?

Project initiating is the moment when we study and analyse our project and think in terms of feasibility to decide if is a good idea to do or not to do this project. It is an important stage because every project needs effort in terms of time and money.

Answering questions is the best way to understand the project in a deeper level. So, what are the best questions we need to answer in project initiating?

» What is the project?
» Why do we need to do it? Does the project belong to any corporate program? Does the project belong to any product/service in my organization?
» In what way does my project influence the business strategy? What are the benefits?
» What are the project objectives?
» Who are the stakeholders? Who is the client? Who is/will be the project manager? Who will be in my team?
» Do we have some constraints?
» Do we need to make assumptions? What are these assumptions?
» What about sustainability? In what way does this project contribute to the economical aspect of the company? In what way does this project contribute/affect the environment and the social aspect?
» What are the lessons learned? Do we have the opportunity to learn something in this stage?

When you ask yourself these questions and document the answers, you are ready to obtain authorization to start the project.

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