We Moved Our Office For Five Days to Helsinki

Emeteclass in Helsinki


Last year we had the experience to move the office to the Algarve for two days, it was a fantastic experience! This year we decided to repeat, and increase our challenge, we moved the office to Helsinki for five days.

Helsinki is a beautiful city, it’s located in southern Finland, near the Baltic Sea and has 1.4 million of people and 3,697 km² in its metropolitan area.

The challenge
Changing the office without impacting customer service is a big challenge. This year we decided to increase the level of complexity and added two new elements:

  • increasing the time period of 2 days to 5 days, and
  • moving to a city with a different timezone.

This made Helsinki an excellent choice: five days in a Nordic city with +2 hours of our usual schedule of work made our challenge most interesting.

Emeteclass in Helsinki

The office
We rented an apartment with Internet access in the metropolitan area, near the train station. The fact that we were near the train station allowed us not only to dedicate time to work, but also to take time to discover the city, go to museums, and visit the beach.

What would be the ideal number of days to move the office?
This year we created an internal survey to know what would be the amount of days our people consider ideal for this initiative. These were the results:

Emeteclass em Helsínquia

5 days 20%
15 days 80%
1 month 0%

This was some of the feedback:
“One week it’s not enough, you’re only beginning to adapt to the new location. Two weeks would be great.”
“It’s a more intense experience if it takes longer”

Why did we create this challenge?
Moving the office to a different place different from the usual is a great team building activity. In this short amount of time we can be quite productive and have excellent ideas.

What’s next?
The choice for the next destination is still open for discussion. The requirements are: to be a safe destination, to have internet connection, and good places to eat.

What are your suggestions?

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