The 1 Floor Challenge – One Year Later

T1FC - The 1 Floor Challenge

One year ago we started to think on how to merge innovation techniques, in particular Design Thinking, with the PMI – project management – standards. How to train people on both areas, how to make more people aware of this techniques and methodologies and how to guarantee its integration and usage in everyday projects, were the questions that need an answer.

Since the beginning there were two requirement we shouldn’t miss – it had to be hands-on and fun. We spent a couple of months designing the solution. Which challenge should we present to offer a pleasurable event while offering a real learning experience? How to guarantee high levels of interest and involvement during an almost 9h intensive event? How to do everything without any partnership or sponsor? – a considerable investment was needed…

Eat your own dog food – from the beginning we took design thinking mixed with a very agile approach to build the event as quick as possible… We inquired several people, we made small “fake” events, we collected a lot of information from different sources and stakeholder. With such information, it was time to think, study the feasibility, breathe and go for real action. We start the design and implementation of the T1FC beta version. The idea to apply learning methodologies to the construction of a drone was alive, it was time to put it to fly! What will be the reaction?

T1FC beta goes public – two initial sessions were set. As a result a lot of suggestions were collected and a lot of changes have been done. Following the agile spiral we quickly move T1FC to the next level.

After one year, T1FC is now a reality, it is becoming worldwide. We are following a sustainable path, one step at a time, but we are really excited about the two upcoming events – Lisbon and Lyon.

Join us – Play, Learn and Grow!

– The T1FC Team (

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Ricardo Azevedo

Ricardo Azevedo

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