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Registered since 2010, but always with a very sporadic use, Evernote has never been part of a fundamental tool for my daily life, both personal and professional. Only using it from time to time, some notes here, some notes there, all without much sense or meaning .. ” It’s a funny tool” I thought.

In the last year, with the motivation and explanation of some basic points of how to use Evernote, my use has been increasing day by day, and thus, the creation of habits that had made me thinking more in “Evernote mode”. So I got to the point of being completely addicted to this fantastic application, and begun to put all “my brain” there, all my thoughts, information collected for reading and/or study, notes with dates, etc. It’s like I don’t want to forget anything, so I put everything, really everything.

Some of the fantastic features that Evernote has to offer:

Saves everything you see

Have you seen an article that looks interesting but you do not have time to read it? Keep it in a note and give it a tag “To Read” for you to read it later, maybe on your device (notebook, tablet, smartphone ..). And if you want to create a shopping list for a dinner you’ll organize at home? Easy, just create a note using checkboxes for everything you need to purchase, and then just check the things that you already have done. From photos, texts, documents, pdf’s, lots of different ways to save your whole life in a single application.

The Power of search

Your memory is not what it was? Just type a “loose words” in the search box, and notes with these references will appear, and at the same time, maybe your memory will be awaken with more findings. No matter where the words are, in the title, in the text, in a photo, in a pdf. Everything serves as a search in Evernote, it’s like a specific google search for your memories, in this case, notes.

Always available, anytime, anywhere

No matter where you are, at the office, at home, on the go, all your notes and features are available on any device you’re using, even when you don’t have internet connection, your notes are available on your smartphone. Now, not only is your smartphone walking with you, all your notes too.

Next step? This Christmas, i’m gonna ask Santa Claus an Evernote Premium account.. :)

Written in Evernote obviously.. :)

Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote and Loic Le Meur, Co-Founder, LeWeb 2013

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