Itcize - Resources to support non-profit organizations in their missionsWe believe that Information Technology solutions, awareness, education, and resources are valuable assets to support non-profit organizations in their missions. Enabling them to manage information, communicate, perform, account and handle various others IT related tasks, will allow them to keep growing, thus improving our society and environment: our world.

We have developed three programs:

  • Online Outreach Program: We offer tools and services to help non-profits achieve and sustain a strong web presence. Having a “web 2.0” strategy help to leverage the power of community, collaboration and collective expertise to bring great results.
  • Staff Technology Capacity Program: Training programs in Technology give conditions to reduce the lack of knowledge affecting internal staff, and create a positive environment for obtaining better results with technologic solutions.
  • Staff Project Management Capacity Program : Non-profit organizations have to understand international Project Management standards, good practices and tools, in order to be more efficient in their missions.

We provide this programs for non-profit organizations, offering to each one an average of 10.000€ in services per year. At his moment, for every 50€ in donations we can give an average of 170€ in services. But with more volunteers we can do better.

Technology can do amazing things. Non-profits are always challenged with small budgets and funds for services and programs, making IT a low priority area compared with others. Help non-profits become more productive and efficient.

ITCIZE is a fundamental part of Emeteclass’s way of doing programs that focus on creating value for our society.

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