Minimalistic Presentations: Focus The Audience’s Attention On You

We all know there are a lot of training courses about making presentations: ” how to make good presentations?”; “how to impact your audience with great presentations?”; and so on.

It is common in training courses, seminars and congress, to see the speakers using presentations with a high number of slides, and in many cases I have found they measure the duration of the event by the number of slides. Speakers invest most of their time in things like: choosing templates, decorating with forms (rectangles, squares etc), adding diagrams, graphics and images to complete the information. I know people who worked up to 5 days to create a two-hour presentation.

My point is: this is the worst kind of presentation you could possible make.

You have to invest your efforts teaching the audience about your topic and not making your presentation looking great.

The only thing that differences you from another speaker is the way you transmit your information. For that reason you have to focus the audience’s attention on you, on your words and not in your presentation.

So, here is how to make a minimalistic presentation:

  • Prepare good material for your audience, like an e-book. This kind of material can be distributed to the audience and serve as a support after the presentation. If you make a sales event you can prepare marketing material about your product.
  • Make your presentation with as few slides as possible. Check some presentations of Steve Jobs; he keeps his audience hanging on his words and in the product that he is presenting. Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, in the last FOWA event did a presentation with only one slide, “a contact slide”, during the event he spoke and focused the audience’s attention in his words, “a very excellent speaker”.
  • Teach your audience. Teach, explain, make exercises and keep your audience enthusiastic.

Make your next presentation with minimalistic approach, and it will stick around longer!!

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Mirla Ferreira

Mirla Ferreira

Project Management Consultant & Trainer at Emeteclass. She focuses on helping companies to implement a consistent Project Management process using international best practices. She also is Co-founder and speaker at The 1st Floor Challenge. Say hi to her anytime @mirlaferreira. Linkedin profile.