The Emeteclass Manifesto: 2. People First

People are all of us…. customers, staff, vendors. People are the most important thing in life, people are family, business and society. It is human nature to engage one other, resulting in a better understanding of mutual needs and expectations. …

For a great business we need to focus on people every minute of the day. People are “goals”, “communication”, “business”, “delegation”, “feedback”, “learning”, “grow”, “business strategy”, “opportunity”, “rewards”, “recognition”, “collaboration”, “empowerment”, “influence”, “technology”, “energy”, “involvement”, “change”, “excelence”, “business”, “happiness”, “simplicity”, “work”, “passion”, “balance”, . Our philosophy is based on the premise that people’s points of view are more important than their titles. We treat people with respect, honesty, transparency and confidence.

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