Tired Of Team Building Activities Where You Don’t Learn Anything?

The 1st Floor Challenge - T1FC
Team building activities are generally used in companies to develop cooperation between team members. An effective team is an integral part of the company’s success. But when we look at the team building activities that are currently on the market, we find some that are simply ridiculous or boring. Some are just fun, it’s good to play paintball, tug of war, a game with balloons, but deep down they don’t really improve performance in a team-based environment.

The 1st Floor Challenge, #T1FC, is a workshop different from any you’ve ever done. It’s a Team Building activity created for learning and practice Project Management, Sustainability, and Innovation. In this workshop forget the long hours of monotonous explanations. We believe learning should be as compelling as your favourite game! In only one day, you’ll learn how to manage a team project like a pro, and a chance to fly your own drone.

How does #T1FC build an effective team?

To build an effective team, T1FC team members:

  • Share a common goal,
  • Each participant should play a role in the team, using their strengths to achieve their objectives,
  • Can practice communication and collaboration for improve performance,
  • Must generate motivation, commitment to achieve satisfaction,
  • Must have respect for each other,
  • Can practice brainstorming, creativity, feedback, trust,
  • Exercising interpersonal aspects needed for a project, such as: leadership, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation,
  • Learn from experience when confronted with problem solving, organizational development and conflict resolution.

Implement your knowledge in a real project, by managing your team’s drone building, and be proud of your project when you see it fly!

Join us!

Why Innovation is Essential to Every Business

Why Innovation is Essential to Every Business

Bringing Creativity and Business Value Together

The skill to Innovate has always been a most valuable asset when it comes to business. However, it seems the rise of User-Centered Design and the concern for creating Value in our solutions has brought our awareness on this matter to an all-time high.

Innovation demands a deep understanding of human needs, and an ability to think outside the box in an increasingly competitive world. It seems to be the key to a successful project, and it is quickly becoming a necessity for employees no matter what field they are in.

How Your Business Changes the Way People Live

To Innovate is to understand socio-cultural progress and find new creative new solutions to current needs.

We must understand this is different to analysing trends: these are visible and are already happening. Our goal as an Innovative Business is to instead find new possibilities that are consistent to the evolution our socio-cultural surroundings, and create products and services that can better satisfy current needs.

Innovation-driven solutions have the power to redefine dominant meanings and values, by having a disruptive impact on the industry, which is what we see as breakthroughs.

Innovation is essential to every business, because the power to change a product’s meaning and the possibility attribute a new value to people’s lives is what motivates change, and ultimately, what pushes society forward.

Play, Learn, Grow!

Play As You Learn

Gamification is a person-centered educational approach based on games. Traditionally, we think of gamification as computer games, but in Emeteclass we don’t use game software, we play with real projects to learn serious concepts and methodologies like Innovation, Project Management and Sustainability in a practical way.

Our training focuses on practicing interpersonal aspects needed, such as leadership, team building, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation.

Here are some aspects of gamification we use:

  • Collaboration. Leadership, team building, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation, are skills you need to collaborate with people in your team and with people in other teams.
  • Competition. You are competing with other teams, and in some training, you are competing globally.
  • Discovery. People love to explore. We give opportunities to our training for participants to discover something new. :)
  • Fun. We promise you a lot of fun!
  • Goals. The team has several goals to achieve that are explained at the beginning.
  • Rules. The rules of the game are explained, there are rules inherited with the methodologies learned, but there are rules inherited with interpersonal aspects too.
  • Points. The points are accumulated early from the beginning and the team wins points if they apply the rules correctly, in order to achieve goals.
  • Progression. We constantly give players feedback on their progress.
  • Rewards. We want to make sure the participants feel the value of their actions during the training.
  • Surprise. Participants don’t expect surprises and we introduce some scenarios that have an emotional impact.
  • Status. In some training, you have the possibility to see your team in the Hall of Fame.
  • Time. We use countdowns, and record all timed activities for maximum effect.

It’s possible to learn like a child… When we grow up, we begin to learn in a theoretical way that is totally disconnected from practice. Most training does not teach how to put their knowledge into practice, or, they do practical exercises that are theoretical cases. The use of real projects in the practical part of the training allows us to learn more deeply, learning concepts by practicing them rather than by direct instruction. The introduction of games allows us to make this learning more enriching, so it stays in our memory for a longer time.

What about your last training? Did you really enjoy it?

Gamification, serious game

Gamification, serious game

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.

We believe in the power of games and we use it in real situations, to increase effectivity in business processes. When we were children we learnt life lessons through games, but unfortunately when we became adults we forgot how to play in order to learn.

The 1st Floor challenge is our first course that teaches through gamification, but one of our goals for the next three years is to add gamification to other courses, so that people are more involved in the learning process.

Take a look to gamification through The 1st Floor Challenge

The 1st Floor Challenge (T1FC) consists of a real Project Management situation in which each team builds a Drone, with the objective of applying Project Management, Sustainability and Design Thinking methodologies in an integrated way. This is considered an excellent team building activity.

We are very happy with the results, until now we were present in 5 cities (Aveiro, Porto, Lisboa, Lyon, Panamá), for a total of 207 participants, and have done a total of 36 projects.

One of our strengths is that we don’t use a computing game for learning, we use a real project for that.

Gamification, is not only an excellent technique for the learning process, but also for changing people’s habits. For this reason, it’s been interesting to see the increasing use of Gamification for engaging with staff and external stakeholders over the past few years, with astounding results.

If used correctly, it’s a powerful tool. It could even change the world. Any idea how?

A Warm Welcome: Meet Ewelina!

A Warm Welcome: Meet Ewelina!

There’s a new member on our team! We’re happy to introduce you to Ewelina, our new Marketing Intern.

Ewelina decided to join us in Emeteclass’s headquarters as a part of her Erasmus experience here in Aveiro.
She’s cheerful and full of new ideas, and already working hard with us on The 1st Floor Challenge Project.

Hopefully, she’ll help us improve our drone flying skills soon.

Welcome, Ewelina!