Planeamento Estratégico 2017

Aproxima-se o fim do ano e é sempre boa altura para rever a estratégia da empresa e preparar o plano estratégico para o próximo ano.

Pode aproveitar o mês de Outubro para se inscrever numa série de cursos relacionados com o Planeamento Estratégico, e descubrir como trabalhar na sua empresa e melhorar o sucesso a longo prazo, alinhando as 4 perspectivas: Aprendizagem e Crescimento, Processos Internos, Clientes e Financeira.

Planeamento Estratégico

Balanced Scorecard.
Perspectiva: Aprendizagem e Crescimento.
Balanced Scorecard.
Perspectiva: Processos Internos
Sábado 7, Outubro.
11h00 – 12h00, Aveiro
Sábado 14, Outubro.
11h00 – 12h00, Aveiro

Balanced Scorecard.
Perspectiva: Clientes.
Balanced Scorecard.
Perspectiva: Financeira.
Sábado 21, Outubro.
11h00 – 12h00, Aveiro
Sábado 28, Outubro.
11h00 – 12h00, Aveiro

Investimento: 60€

Este ciclo de formação outorga 04 PDU’s para o exame/renovação da certificação PMP®.

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Gestão de Projetos, Gestão Estratégica e Business Analysis.

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Play, Learn, Grow!

Play As You Learn

Gamification is a person-centered educational approach based on games. Traditionally, we think of gamification as computer games, but in Emeteclass we don’t use game software, we play with real projects to learn serious concepts and methodologies like Innovation, Project Management and Sustainability in a practical way.

Our training focuses on practicing interpersonal aspects needed, such as leadership, team building, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation.

Here are some aspects of gamification we use:

  • Collaboration. Leadership, team building, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation, are skills you need to collaborate with people in your team and with people in other teams.
  • Competition. You are competing with other teams, and in some training, you are competing globally.
  • Discovery. People love to explore. We give opportunities to our training for participants to discover something new. :)
  • Fun. We promise you a lot of fun!
  • Goals. The team has several goals to achieve that are explained at the beginning.
  • Rules. The rules of the game are explained, there are rules inherited with the methodologies learned, but there are rules inherited with interpersonal aspects too.
  • Points. The points are accumulated early from the beginning and the team wins points if they apply the rules correctly, in order to achieve goals.
  • Progression. We constantly give players feedback on their progress.
  • Rewards. We want to make sure the participants feel the value of their actions during the training.
  • Surprise. Participants don’t expect surprises and we introduce some scenarios that have an emotional impact.
  • Status. In some training, you have the possibility to see your team in the Hall of Fame.
  • Time. We use countdowns, and record all timed activities for maximum effect.

It’s possible to learn like a child… When we grow up, we begin to learn in a theoretical way that is totally disconnected from practice. Most training does not teach how to put their knowledge into practice, or, they do practical exercises that are theoretical cases. The use of real projects in the practical part of the training allows us to learn more deeply, learning concepts by practicing them rather than by direct instruction. The introduction of games allows us to make this learning more enriching, so it stays in our memory for a longer time.

What about your last training? Did you really enjoy it?

Congratulations To All Who Have Participated In The T1FC at IUT Lumière Lyon 2!

IUT Lumière Lyon 2 - 2016

This is the second time we bring the T1FC at IUT Lumière Lyon 2. It was attended by 55 students of the courses: Coordinateur de Projet en Systèmes d’Information, Coordinateur de Projet en Gestion des Risques, Coordinateur de Projets en Gestion de la Sous-Traitance – Chargé d’affaires.

During the day they learned and practiced innovation, project management and sustainability while doing a real project. They had to negotiate and make decisions in initiating, planning and execution phases, while continuously monitoring the work.

Congratulations to all who have participated! Your presence together with your active contributions, good performance, feedback and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. We appreciate your positive feedback, and we will certanly take all your ideas on board to improve.

A big thank you. We will be there the next year!

The 1st Floor Challenge en Ciudad de Panamá

T1FC - PANAMA, PANAMA 2016.02.27

Llevar el T1FC a Ciudad de Panamá  fue excelente.

Llevar este taller, por primera vez a Latino América, nos hizo sentir felices, y ansiosos. Al final, la motivación de la gente, su empeño, su alegría y su interés en aprender es algo que llevaremos con nosotros para el futuro. Aprendimos muchísimo con ustedes, esperemos que ustedes también hayan aprendido con nosotros!

Estamos felices por haber sido parte de Panamá.

Haber realizado un taller exitoso en América Latina, para 23 personas, fue un gran salto. No tenemos dudas que llevaremos el T1FC al próximo nivel. Una oportunidad que agarraremos con firmeza con las dos manos!

Estén atentos por nuevas noticias sobre el The 1st Floor Challenge.

The Next Chapter of T1FC Will Take Place In Panama

T1FC - PANAMA, PANAMA 2016.02.27

This time is the turn of Panama, we are preparing all the equipment for this awesome team building session.

Get hands-on with Ricardo Azevedo & Mirla Ferreira, in a fully immersive one-day masterclass. You will learn in an integrate way the key elements of Design Thinking, Project Management and Sustainability and practice them while build a drone.

Ciudad del Saber, Edificio 105, Salón 107 Clayton, Ancón.
Apartado 0843-03081, Panamá, Republica de Panamá.

Saturday February 27, 2016, 9:00am-6:00pm

Can’t be present in Panama?
We are preparing others sessions taking place all over the world in 2016. Submit your email and location
and we’ll let you know when the workshop takes place in your city.

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