Tired Of Team Building Activities Where You Don’t Learn Anything?

The 1st Floor Challenge - T1FC
Team building activities are generally used in companies to develop cooperation between team members. An effective team is an integral part of the company’s success. But when we look at the team building activities that are currently on the market, we find some that are simply ridiculous or boring. Some are just fun, it’s good to play paintball, tug of war, a game with balloons, but deep down they don’t really improve performance in a team-based environment.

The 1st Floor Challenge, #T1FC, is a workshop different from any you’ve ever done. It’s a Team Building activity created for learning and practice Project Management, Sustainability, and Innovation. In this workshop forget the long hours of monotonous explanations. We believe learning should be as compelling as your favourite game! In only one day, you’ll learn how to manage a team project like a pro, and a chance to fly your own drone.

How does #T1FC build an effective team?

To build an effective team, T1FC team members:

  • Share a common goal,
  • Each participant should play a role in the team, using their strengths to achieve their objectives,
  • Can practice communication and collaboration for improve performance,
  • Must generate motivation, commitment to achieve satisfaction,
  • Must have respect for each other,
  • Can practice brainstorming, creativity, feedback, trust,
  • Exercising interpersonal aspects needed for a project, such as: leadership, teamwork, decision making, communication and negotiation,
  • Learn from experience when confronted with problem solving, organizational development and conflict resolution.

Implement your knowledge in a real project, by managing your team’s drone building, and be proud of your project when you see it fly!

Join us!

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Mirla Ferreira

Mirla Ferreira

Project Management Consultant & Trainer at Emeteclass. She focuses on helping companies to implement a consistent Project Management process using international best practices. She also is Co-founder and speaker at The 1st Floor Challenge. Say hi to her anytime @mirlaferreira. Linkedin profile.