T1FC as a Team Building Workshop. Interview With André Marquet


ANDRÉ MARQUET CO-Founder & CEO at Productized.co

He has a solid engineering background, and has moved towards Product Management with 15 years professional experience building leading online products, in both corporate and start-up environments. He’s fact driven and passionate for design and user experience, and has a proven track record of defining strategy, designing solutions and implementing successful projects in both startup as well as corporate environments.


In today’s interview I’m chatting with André Marquet, from Productized.co I was interested to know his opinion about The 1st Floor Challenge workshop, related with our participation on the Startup Pirates HD in Lisbon, on this past 12th of December.

Mirla Ferreira: Hi André, thank you for being here. So let’s get started. Why you choose T1FC as a Team Building activity for the Startup Pirates Lisbon event?

André Marquet: Hi Mirla, I’ve been organizing Startup acceleration classes and events for the last 7 years, and I took some time to realize that team building activities are really core to help teams create strong inter-communication. I also think that PM methodologies are lacking in most early stage environments, and sometimes you need to held craft these kind of methodologies from the early beginning into entrepreneurs.

Mirla Ferreira: What are the most strengths do you find in T1FC workshop?

André Marquet: T1FC is a great workshop program because it’s fun, it’s witty and at the same time helps team build confidence on creating a methodology even for creative activities. One of the criticism we got was that the TF1C workshop needs to be longer in order for people to understand the PM methodologies behind and not just the engineering challenge of building a quadcopter. Either way, the biggest strength is that actually building a quadcopter that teams end up flying themselves and competing against each other is huge fun.

Mirla Ferreira: Does the T1FC outcomes influenced, in some way, the rest of the week?

André Marquet: Every time I organize an acceleration programme I take so many lessons learned – one of the main purposes of the TF1C was to help the participants of the SP Lisbon edition to create better teams! In that sense the TF1C worked really well, because the 10 teams that ended up being created were rock solid for an entire week! Still, from a Project Management learning point of view maybe we could have arranged the workshop after the teams had been created.

Mirla Ferreira: Thanks André, I’m very grateful for your time .

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