Implementing A PMO Is Often Facing Challenges. Expert Interview With Bill Dow

Bill Dow

BILL DOW is a result-oriented, industry recognized, passionate professional who has a strong background in PMO management, development methodologies, and tactical project execution.

Why you should listen to him:

Bill has successfully built several PMO’s, as well as having ran large industry impacting projects. His IT industry background spans government, health care, real estate, software, and wireless. He has strong organizational and planning skills, and focus on building customer partnerships. He has a proven track record on being able to drive strategy, vision, and be forward looking. He is also focused on staying on top of the latest project management industry trends. Through the books that he has published, he has created PMO and Project Communication tools that are used in companies all around the world.

He is the co-author of the Project Management Communication Bible. This is an 801 page reference manual, published in 2008 for Wiley publishing. It can be found on and consistently in the Top 100 for Project Management books.

The second book he wrote is called “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO” . The book takes his personal experience in building and implementing PMO’s over a 10 year period and puts it into a format that is easy to read and use for any PMO Manager. This book can also be found on

His third book “Project Management Communications Tools” will be release in the June 2015 timeframe. More information on this book can be found on his website in the coming weeks.

Bill is, also a part time Adjunct Professor at Bellevue College where he teaches several project management classes in the certification program. “I have a deep passion and enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring, so my work at Bellevue College is one of my great accomplishments.” – he says.


Mirla Ferreira: Hi Bill, as an author of “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO” book, What do you think is the highlighter obstacle to implement a PMO that really works?

Bill Dow: I think that PMO Managers throw away process to quickly. Process is a good thing, too much process is not good, but too little doesn’t work either. There is something to be said for all project managers to be managing their projects in a repeatable and consistent manner. So many PMO managers are quick to throw out process because of the growing pressures to be agile, and I would say those folks have the biggest obstacles to be successful.

Mirla Ferreira: In your opinion, what are the best benefits of PMO as a service? In what circumstances should a company choose a PMO as a service approach?

Bill Dow: PMO as a service is a brand new concept that is just starting to take off. I would say that we are far too early to have this model working consistently across companies. Companies are so different and I think this concept of PMO as a Service has a long way to go before it is proven and we see consistent results. If companies are going to go with this concept, then they would be one that are much smaller and want to have outside experts driving their end to end efforts. Still too early frankly and not yet proven.

Mirla Ferreira: For you, what is the biggest challenge that professionals have when leading an effective, value driven PMO?

Bill Dow: The challenge is around executive support. I see PMO’s fail all the time and even document it in my book with a term called the “PMO Cycle”. Basically, it states very simply, when you lose your executive support, you lose your PMO. I have seen it happen many times myself and to my PMO Manager peers. It is a way of life of this profession and something that we to live with. So, go out there and secure the support from multiple executive for the best chance of your PMO succeeding into the future.

Mirla Ferreira: Thanks Bill, it was a pleasure talking to you today”.

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