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Frank Saladis


Why you should listen to him:

Frank P. Saladis, PMP, is a Consultant and Instructor / Facilitator within the project management profession. He is a senior trainer and consultant for the International Institute for Learning and has conducted numerous project management training seminars domestically and internationally. He is a Project Management Professional and has been a featured presenter at the Project Management Institute ® Annual Symposiums and World Congresses and many other project management events. Mr. Saladis is a graduate of the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class and has held several positions within The Project Management Institute including President of the NYC Chapter, President of the PMI Assembly of Chapter Presidents and Chair of the Education and Training Specific Interest Group. Mr. Saladis served as editor of the internationally distributed project management newsletter for, and is the author of “Positive Leadership In Project Management,” co- author of Value Driven Project Management with Dr. Harold Kerzner, and numerous articles about project leadership. Mr. Saladis is the originator of International Project Management Day and was recognized as PMI Person of the Year for 2006.


Mirla Ferreira Project Managers focus their days getting projects completed on time, and within budget and scope, meaning that Project Management is a profession with a lot of accountability in organizations. What was your main idea when you created “International Project Management Day”? Why an International Project Management Day is so important for the profession?

Frank Saladis International Project Management Day was created to set aside some time to recognize the dedication and commitment project managers provide to their organizations. Many people really don’t understand the role of the project manager and how challenging that position can be. It is often referred to as ” the unappreciated profession.” project managers must provide leadership, managerial skills, and must have a strong sense of business to achieve project success. Often the work of the project manager is not properly recognized. International Project Management Day is a way of saying thank- you to the many thousands of project managers who work very hard to meet their organizations needs.

Mirla Ferreira Do you think organizations have to create a culture with a clear focus on Talent Management? In your experience, what is the most important thing when developing mentor programs for Project Managers?

Frank Saladis A few thoughts: project management training provides an individual with “life skills” such as planning, organizing, leading, managing, dealing with conflict and working with people effectively. The project manager is part of a very special group of talented individuals who understand the importance of teamwork and also in achieving business objectives. Organizations who promote project management will have a solid talent pool to support the missions and objectives and will find “talent management” to be less difficult. The truly effective project manager is adaptive to the organizations needs and can develop an effective strategy to meet the challenges of each new assignment.

When developing mentor programs for project managers it is important to emphasize the leadership aspect of the assignment. Project managers are accountable for success. They must motivate their teams, set clear direction, and focus on the big picture. Leaders create an environment of pride, respect and trust. All of these are essential for project and organizational success.

Mirla Ferreira For you .. What is the biggest challenge facing Project Managers today?

Frank Saladis There are many challenges a project manager must deal with but one of the most significant challenges is the lack of managerial support, the gap between what executives perceive to be project management and the actual project ,and the tendency of upper management ignore the processes that are put in place to manage a project effectively, such as change control. Project managers must develop the skills and capability to manage upward and work to clearly set expectations with sponsors and executive management.

IPM Day is always the first Thursday in November. Are you planing to schedule some event or activity in recognition of the Project Management Profession?

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