Providing Resort Members With Profile Management Service

Emeteclass has developed a Drupal module for a Resort Members Service Company, allowing members to manage their profiles in real time.

Service providers improve the level of customer service using tools like Member Profile Management. This user-friendly tool is a good communication channel for customers and service providers and facilitates the relationship between them. The profile data is updated by the customer, this feature helps to reduce the number of phone calls, and of course, cause a cost reduction for the customer. On the other hand, for the service provider, this feature reduces the number of errors in data produced by the support team, at the same time decreasing the number of support calls to the help desk team.

So, adopting a centralized customer profile with an additional self-edit functionality, can::

  • Increase the level of service.
  • Decrease costs, and improve revenues.
  • Reduce the number of errors in data produced by the support team
  • More accurate customer data profile.
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Serve customer better and more efficiently.

… just by allowing the customer to manage his own account!

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