Yourself Thinking as a Communication Channel

Yourself Thinking is an essential aspect of a communication and one that can determine the success of a project. Thought it is something great, represents a continuum in life. We communicate with ourselves all the time.

Yourself Thinking represents inspiration, decision making, motivation, is the way how people interact with the world, with human factors. As Project Manager you have to observe this behavior in order to increase understanding and how to do your job better.

Why it is important for the project?

  • because the quality of thoughts is becoming increasingly important for the decision making process
  • because we know many of the project problems are associated with a negative attitude, such as fear, intimidation, and so on.
  • because all that is said or done is the result of an internal process of thought.

“Invest a few moments in thinking. It will pay good interest” – Richard Denny

The PMBook® describes the theoretical communication channels with the following formula (N*(N-1))/2, this formula represents only part of the communications chanels. In my opinion and based in my personal experience we have to integrate the Yourself Thinking on communications channels as (N*(N-1))/2 + N, for a more realistic approach.

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Mirla Ferreira

Mirla Ferreira

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