7 steps for a better product, a better company, a better life

In theses days i’m searching for 7 “things” that a company should have to become a happy and enjoyable place, to create and make new and intelligent products.
If found these from a concept called Chakras, that are points in our body where energy floats (resuming)..

#One: Security
#Two: Creativity
#Three: Freedom
#Four: Balance
#Five: Expression
#Six: Imagination
#Seven: Knowledge

When i found this, i realized that this points are essencial not just to make a good product, but to make a good company, and make a better life.
If we apply this points in all areas of our life/business, we can make everything what we imagine!

This is not rules to condicionate your life, they are just tips.

Live your life yourself and search what is more important and what makes you feel good. This tips can guide you to find your best path in your life/business.

Just be!!

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Henrique Oliveira

Henrique Oliveira

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