Why We Moved Our Blog to Medium?

A few months ago we decided to explore some blog platforms. After having our blog for so long, we decided that Medium would be our new platform to communicate.

Why we switch to Medium? There are some reasons that we want to share with you:

Easy, Beautiful and Minimalist

We love Medium’s design. It’s modern, beautiful and minimalist. We are tech people, and we like to have the control about everything, themes, plugins, security, etc. But hosting our blog means with have to manage it, pay attention to security gaps, upgrade software versions, and so on. We don’t want to spend time on these, not for our blog. We want focus on writing, sharing content, and serving our audience.

Medium is easy to use, allows us to have separate publications, different features pages and we can organize our content in a better way and invite people to write for us.

Besides, Medium looks great on any device :)

Great audience

We are impressed with Medium’s popularity. Having our own blog platform means having to spend a lot of effort to reach our audience, but Medium is people oriented, and has features to engage its audience, and a clean reading experience.


Medium gives us full control over our content. We felt like home. We can create, add images, publish and share without any problem.

We know that everyone’s experience is difference, but we want to take that leap and evaluate this decision next year. This is our link Emeteclass on Medium

Have you tried Medium, or have you found another platform that works better for your specific needs?

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New in Allign: How to Share Documents With Your Accountant?

As a collaborative tool Allign is coming to integrated third parties to start giving them the choices to be an active member in our company process. Collaborative tools as Allign use to bring illumination.

We already figured out how to integrate the Accountant in Allign. You already have a name, now is time to start moving things.

Your Accountant is well identified, to become Him in a very important key active player, He needs some input to develop his job.

Allign brings the space and the facility to start gaining productivity from The Accountant. This is the time to start sharing documents with your Accountant.

How to do it?

The easy option created for that and is once you are managing your permissions, just going “Select Who is your accountant”, click there, find a table with the document types and decide what document to share.

With a simple click on share you are giving permission to your Accountant to see a document, since here He is empowered to start working with.

Your company and your Accountant are not only linked, now you are sharing. In a few seconds Allign turned the collaboration from off to on.

Just keeping open eyes to see what is coming new in Allign.


Automate your processes while delivering great products and services.

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IT’s Our Fifteenth Anniversary

We thank all the employees, clients, suppliers, friends and family who have accompanied us during these 15 years. Thank you!

“A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms.” – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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Software Factory: Tornamos o marketing de proximidade simples para todos.

Conecte-se instantaneamente com compradores gerando notificações diretamente para os telemóveis dos seus clientes.

O que é marketing de proximidade e como funciona?

Sabia que em média estamos a ultrapassar a quantidade de um telemóvel por habitante no planeta? Segundo a TeleGeography em 2015 existiam 7,1 mil milhões de subscrições de comunicações móveis, o crescimento do número de ligações móveis é impressionante o que abre um enorme potencial para as empresas criarem ferramentas e se aproximarem de seus clientes.

O marketing de proximidade é a capacidade de criar campanhas de marketing e enviá-las diretamente para os telemóveis de potenciais clientes.

No momento em que o seu potencial cliente passar a um determinado raio de proximidade do transmissor, a mensagem é ativada e enviada diretamente para o telemóvel. Isto impressiona o seu cliente, porque recebe mensagens de produtos/serviços que anda à procura e que estão agora perto dele, permitindo-lhe assim visitar o seu estabelecimento comercial e realizar a compra.

A tecnologia utilizada é :

direta, pode realizar anúncios em tempo real para clientes em locais específicos atingindo o público alvo que se encontre na proximidade.

transversal, suporta qualquer smartphone ou tablet,

completa, pode execute campanhas com imagens, URLs e texto, durante 24/7.

O marketing de proximidade o ajuda a obter uma compreensão mais profunda do comportamento do cliente e do desempenho da campanha, melhora as suas vendas, e pode ser utilizado num grande número de serviços/produtos.

Somos especialistas em desenvolvimento de software personalizado, desde os requisitos até o desenho e desenvolvimento do produto, testes de qualidade, implementação e manutenção. Seguimos um paradigma de equipa de desenvolvimento offshore, adaptando-nos às próprias normas de trabalho do cliente. Temos desenvolvido aplicações e serviços para uma gama variada de indústrias. Contacte-nos: emete@emete.com

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New in Allign: How To Define Who Is Your Accountant?

Allign as a powerful collaborative tool is always introducing new concepts to remark the collaboration as a key topic to reach business goals.

Allign team this time have thought about how to start integrating pieces from business external parties.

One of these external pieces is that professional in charge of supporting your company to keep all your accounts updated. Your accountant, He is so important that most of the cases is considered as a right hand.

Since this point of view is where Allign works, if the Accountant is so relevant for the business let’s start working closer with him, let’s open the doors to him, let’s him acting proactively in our company process, let’s start sharing documents with him.

The statement is: Work as a team, produce as a team, and win as a team.

For working hand to hand with your Accountant, Allign has created an option in the user menu that allows you to set up and manage your community permissions.

Once you are managing your permissions, you can easily decide who your Accountant is.

Allign gives you the option to choose your Accountant in a very easy manner, it is just a matter of going to User Menu, click in Access and Permissions, then click on Select who is your Accountant and share information with him ,click on Select your accountant, then decide from the list the name of that important professional and you are done!

From here, thanks to Allign, your company and your Accountant are linked and ready to win as a team.

Just keeping open eyes to see what next in Allign.


Automate your processes while delivering great products and services.

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